About Us


This website was initiated by the PRO ORIENTE Steering Committee for Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue – a committee established by PRO ORIENTE in 2018 to reflect and coordinate the foundation's activities in the field of dialogue with the Orthodox Church. The committee comprises eight Orthodox and eight Catholic theologians from different European countries:

Orthodox members

Catholic members

Kateřina Kočandrle BAUER, Prague

Hyacinthe DESTIVELLE OP, Rome

Pantelis KALAITZIDIS, Volos

Regina ELSNER, Berlin

Assaad Elias KATTAN, Muenster

Thomas Mark NÉMETH, Vienna

Vladimir KHULAP, Saint Petersburg

Johannes OELDEMANN, Paderborn

Ioan MOGA, Vienna

Rudolf PROKSCHI, Vienna

Katerina PEKRIDOU, Bruxelles

Catherine SHIRK LUCAS, Paris


Myriam WIJLENS, Erfurt

Georgios VLANTIS, Munich

Milan ŽUST SJ, Rome


The PRO ORIENTE Steering Committee for Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue (POSCOCD) has developed various projects to strengthen and intensify Orthodox-Catholic dialogue, including this project, which aims at making the results of Orthodox-Catholic dialogue at various levels better known and at connecting different dialogue commissions and groups with each other.

The Committee mandated a sub-committee to develop this project, collect the relevant documents and prepare them for publication in different languages on this website. The members of the POSCOCD sub-committee responsible for this website are:

  • Hyacinthe DESTIVELLE
  • Vladimir KHULAP
  • Ioan MOGA
  • Johannes OELDEMANN
  • Katerina PEKRIDOU

We hope that this website can contribute to building a fruitful network of all those engaged in Orthodox-Catholic dialogue, in line with our motto “Connecting Dialogues”.

We invite anyone who would like to contribute to this website to contact us at following e-mail address: admin@orthcath.net